The main objectives of the project are to determine the properties of the experimental materials with added nanoparticles or glass fibers and to compare these materials with commercially available materials and to investigate the behavior of biomaterials in endodontic therapy in different clinical conditions.

The specific objectives are:
Ad1 To investigate physical and mechanical properties of experimental bioactive materials.
Ad2 To investigate the adhesion of bioactive materials after different pretreatments of dental hard tissues.
Ad3 To investigate the release of fluorides from bioactive materials.
Ad4 To investigate the remineralization potential of bioactive materials.
Ad5 To create an optimal model for mechanical testing (FEA).
Ad6 To evaluate the sealing of calcium silicate bioactive materials before and after dynamic loading.
Ad7 To investigate the possibility to remove bioactive calcium silicate material from root canals.

Gundulićeva 5, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Sva prava zadržana 2018
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